Inguz OSX


The Inguz Audio plugin for the Squeezebox server implements sophisticated room correction/EQ functions. Details and instructions for the original software can be found at

The original software was built for Windows, but runs on OSX just fine with a few tweaks. This page contains a download and instructions for the OSX installer.


Install SqueezeCenter.

Inguz Audio is a plugin, so before you do anything else you need to get the latest Squeezebox Server software from, configure it to your liking and make sure it works. The installer has been tested with Squeezebox Server 7.4 and the latest 7.5 nighly build (at the time of writing).

Squeezebox Server needs to be installed for all users for the Inguz installer to work (this is the default choice). If you're upgrading from a version installed to a specific user I'd recommend removing it completely and starting again.

Install Mono

The Inguz code is written for the .NET framework and needs Mono installed to run on a Mac. Just get the OSX installer from the Mono download page and run it, accepting any default choices. (The latest version at the time of writing was 2.6.1)

Install the plugin

With Squeezebox server and Mono installed, download the plugin installer and run it. Go through the wizard and when it's finished you should find that the Inguz EQ plugin is available.

Configure the plugin

Now Inguz is installed the configuration is the same as the windows version, detailed on the official site. In brief:
 - Restart SlimServer to make it pick up the plugin
 - Choose the EQ option on the Squeezebox menu, it will tell you to restart the server a second time
 - Do so, and set your filetypes for FLAC in the advanced options of the Squeezebox Server to disable the native FLAC handling and route it through Inguz instead:


 - Measure your room impluses and drop them into the "InguzEQ/Impulses" folder on your desktop (this is a shortcut to the real folder which lives elsewhere on the system)


- The installer was based on an original document by forum contributor "Muski" (available here). 
- Thanks to Hugh Pyle for making the Inguz plugin available and giving me permission to distribute this installer.